Two Week Bridge Inspector Training Course

The Office of State Aid Road Construction is planning to host the Two Week Bridge Inspection Training Course.

Course # FHWA-NHI - 130055 - Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges
* June 19 – June 30, 2017
* All prospective Team Leaders are required to complete this 2 week training session
* Cost $2025

REQUIREMENTS: ALL participants must have met ONE of the three mandatory prerequisite listed below requirements for participation in the FHWA-NHI - 130055 course. A course completion certificate bearing their name must be brought to the first day of the FHWA-NHI-130055 session. Individuals have the option to complete one of the following three prerequisite requirements:

1) FHWA-NHI-130054 - Engineering Concepts for Bridge Inspectors, a 5 day Instructor - led course; (Cost - $1175.00/person)

2) FHWA-NHI-130101 - Introduction to Safety of In-Service Bridges, (We recommend taking this course) A 14 hour Web-based training and assessment (Cost - No charge);

3) FHWA-NHI-130101A - Prerequisite Assessment for Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges, A Web-based assessment. (Cost - No charge), for those with engineering backgrounds or prior knowledge and experience in the field of bridge inspection may “test-out” through the Web-based assessment.

** Note: Upon successful completion of one of the prerequisite courses, you will be eligible to take the 130055 training course for up to 2 years. Prerequisite courses must be completed at least 3 weeks prior to taking course # FHWA-NHI-130055. To register for the Web-based options 2 and 3, please go to the following link:


If you or someone from your office would like to register for this NHI Bridge Inspection Training Course, please email the following as soon as possible to the email addresses below:

1. Name of the person to attend
2. Company Name
3. Phone Number
4. Email address for the person attending

Marie Allbritton
Office of State Aid Road Construction

David Barrett
Office of State Aid Road Construction

You may also sign up for the class on the NHI website at https://www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov